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04 April 2012 @ 08:38 pm
Week 7 - Black  

I was so excited to finally play these two out on their own. I'm especially proud of their house so I've done a little tour.

Upstairs bath. The main floor on is too small for pictures.

The first thing they do when they move in...

I don't think things work quite that quickly, but I can't remember if she had the flu or anything when she moved out.

They both wanted it.

Ethan forgot to bring his instruments from home, so he got a new guitar.

Bay greets one of the strays. A female cat named Aurora.

Off to their vacation destination.

Ethan signs them in at their hotel.

They decided to check out the island right away. The first thing Bay does is scarf down a meal. I bet she didn't even taste it.

She also bough some jewellery for a souvenir.

He found the Captain's Log. I've never had this before.

Bay looks around to see if she can find something too, but doesn't have any luck.

She is pretty tired so they head back to the hotel so she could have a nap.

Ethan takes the time to hang out on the beach.

Ethan learned how to fire dance. An important life skill, I'm sure.

He couldn't figure out the local greeting, though.

Bay still isn't feeling well.

The vacation leaves them both exhausted, so the head home a few hours early.

Once Bay is rested she gets to work making toys. She needs a top ranking business to qualify for the Business career and she needs both of these things for the DitFT challenge.

I guess she wasn't sick after all.

Lily-Grace stops by for a visit.

Baby time!

They name her Maisy.

This is where the trouble starts, with a cat named Demon.

What a terror, he just won't leave them alone!

Ethan's hobby friend from work. Who dresses like that every day?

Ethan: What was I even thinking? He didn't get fired, just demoted back to playground monitor.

Bay and Ethan invite Oliver and his family over for dinner. Neither of them had met Tara before.

Its a good thing the Mayor doesn't mind eating mac'n'cheese.

Bay is getting good at making toys. Hopefully she will have enough to stock a shop soon.

Rowan pops by for a visit.

olivethegreatolivethegreat on April 5th, 2012 03:09 pm (UTC)
I love their house!
And Maisy is adorable.
I hate it when random cats come into the house and destroy furniture because you aren't necessarily looking out for them and they have a higher chance of destroying something before you can stop them.
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on April 5th, 2012 04:12 pm (UTC)
The problem with demon is he couldn't be chased off. She could shoo him from the room, then he'd just hang around outside. Later he would come back in and destroy something else. He was at the house every night of the week, too.
Katekatee412 on April 6th, 2012 02:25 am (UTC)
The whole family is just lovely :) What exactly did the Captain's Log do, was it just a book to read?
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on April 6th, 2012 03:16 pm (UTC)
You know what, at the end of the week I realized I never looked at it. When they got home from vacation I put it on the writing desk. After that things got busy with Maisy coming, Ethan working on getting promoted, Bay making toys to open her shop and the pesky cat demon. I will make sure I have one of them interact with it next update!
kaygirl1144kaygirl1144 on April 6th, 2012 02:46 am (UTC)
where'd you get that little ridable giraffe she was laying on?
Your BACC is one of my favorites because not only is it very maxis-y, but you update very quickly, so I can remember your characters much better than the others I read ^_^
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on April 6th, 2012 03:15 pm (UTC)
The ridable giraffe comes from a huge TS3-TS2 conversion set on a yahoo group found here. I'm glad you're enjoying the quick updates, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one posting to LJ.
Rachelsimsforaranya on April 8th, 2012 08:45 pm (UTC)
Their house is adorable! I may just have to try to recreate it. :D
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on April 9th, 2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I could send you the floor plan I based it on, or the house itself. It is loaded with CC, though.