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19 April 2012 @ 02:22 pm
Week 8 - Parks-Bay  

Sterling Falls' newest residents are Kristof Parks and Nesta Bay (created for me by eatfishcustard). This unlikely duo came together when Nesta found Kristof being attacked in a back alley. Nesta distracted his attackers and they both managed to get away. They've been on the run from them ever since and somehow ended up in Sterling Falls. They set up camp in the hills for a few days to make sure they hadn't been followed this far. When no one showed up to finish Kristof off, they decided to build a house and settle in. Unfortunately Kristof didn't survive the attack unscathed. He was left with a little condition.

The welcome wagon comes by and Nesta invites them all in. The chess table is really popular.

Ash Thornwood walks by and causes Nesta to swoon.

And Kristof's little condition is revealed.

He seems to attract a lot of strays.

Nesta meets Spencer Birch.

They have a mutual attraction.

Which leads to certain things happening.

Kristof has only met dogs so far. They all want to play fetch with him.

He checks every morning to make sure his fur is all gone after changing back into human form.

Arianna and Ash stop by. Ash looks all too happy to be in her vicinity.

So does Kristof.

Ash finds romance else where.

Baldwin especially likes Kristof.

Kristof: Don't mind me!

This is a common scene in the Parks-Bay household. There are always people filtering in and out.

Kristof adopted Baldwin. I always find it funny to see the little dogs with that giant stick.

I think they've tried out every possible surface in the house now.

Baldwin already knows some tricks.

Sterling Falls: Week Eight
Town Funds: §63,936
Households: 12 (Marsh, Livingstone, Thornwood, Black, Spencer-Kwan, Okitikoo, Thornwood-Siddle, Black, Neri, Thornwood, Slater, Parks-Bay)
Births: 1 (Sawyer Livingstone)
Deaths: 0
Community Lots: Player Owned: 7 (Riley's Robot Imporium, Harvest Barn, Bake My Day!, Brushstrokes, Shear Madness, Dog Eared Books, The Toy Box)
City Owned: Public School, Police Department, Town Hall
Career Slots: Law Enforcement (Mikayla, Lily-Grace, Quentin), Journalism (Olivia), Education (Ethan), Politics (Rowan, Elias, Laura), Oceanography (Linden), Law (Zhivka)
Careers unlocked: Politics, Law, Law Enforcement
Burglaries: 0
Fires: 3
Sim Multiplier: 4
Total Population: 35
Babies: 1
Toddlers: 0
Children: 1
Teens: 3
YAs: 0
Adults: 22
Elders: 8

Katekatee412 on April 20th, 2012 09:12 am (UTC)
The new residents have certainly make their self at home :)
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on April 20th, 2012 06:32 pm (UTC)
They definitely didn't take their time to acquaint themselves with the other residents.
Rachelsimsforaranya on April 20th, 2012 09:33 pm (UTC)
Only 1 birth in a whole week? I don't think I've EVER had stats that low. XD

http://pics.livejournal.com/lvstndhrt/pic/005ad288 This picture made me laugh hysterically, and I'm not sure I can explain why. >.>
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on April 21st, 2012 03:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I guess that is what happens when all the sims are either elders, teens or not having risky woohoo. I'm sure there will be lots of babies soon, with the 2nd generation all grown up now.

I wonder if its because Nesta seems to want a moustache ride?