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Love Stained Heart
I've been thinking a bit lately about my BACC. I wondered if people were getting bored with it. I'm not bored per say, but I'm feeling more inspired to go in a different direction. I see lots of new BACCs are in the works from a lot of creators I admire. I've also been inspired in different ways from jessa's lets play videos as well as the ones by serisims. I really thought seri's idea of giving sims the traits that ts3 sims get in the game. I also feel like the lives of the sims in sterling falls went by way too quickly. I mean... we're in week 17 already! Generation 2 is getting old and dying and I feel like I hardly got to know them. I have so many kids in my game I can't remember their names. I've been looking at age mods that extend the lives of sims considerably, but I'm still deciding on how long is going to be long enough. Right now I basically play 1 day = 1 year, which doesn't line up with the seasons at all. It also makes LTWs like own 5 top businesses virtually impossible from my stand point. I admire other people that can find the time to play an actual school set up in their game and have sims own several businesses, etc. I usually feel so rushed when I play to make all my sims happy and advance them in their careers and school as fast as possible. This is especially evident when I play a household with more than 4 sims. An extended age mod would potentially allow me to space the ages of the children out so I'm not stuck with 4 toddlers at the same time just so they can try and satisfy the 10 kid want. Of course I'd need to look into seeing how I can modify ACR to work properly with an extended lifespan.

In terms of a new BACC, I'm still loving the structured gameplay with all the rules and unlocking features and actually playing with businesses. I've also seen a few castaway themed BACC ideas lately and I love that. I don't want to rip off ideas from anyone else, but I think sharing ideas is a big part of this community and as long as it isn't a blatant rip off, I feel like its perfectly acceptable. I've also never played a hood without the winter season, so that has the potential to be interesting. I also really like the idea of starting all the settlers out on the same lot to let them get to know each other and form their own relationships without having to worry about who walks by and who doesn't. I have a lot of ideas that I'm juggling and I'm hoping to get something started this week. Of course I need to find a hood template I like and some CC to fit whatever theme I decide on going with.

Of course I want to see what my loyal readers think, because I appreciate you guys and all of your lovely comments. Your opinions do matter to me! I hope no one will be too sad to see SF come to an end, because I think the new BACC will be fresh and exciting. Who knows... maybe some familiar faces will pop up!