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08 June 2012 @ 03:26 pm
Week 10 - Slater  

Last week at the Slater residence Lily-Grace talked her brother Patrick into being a surrogate for her and Mistelle. He agreed and Mistelle gave birth to little Teegan Slater. Lily-Grace was promoted to SWAT Team Leader, but unfortunately she passed away from an illness. Patrick was starting to feel a little left out, so he asked the genie for some help.

Teegan becomes a child Monday night.

Mistelle adopts one of Rowan & Elias' kittens as a bit of a birthday present.

Patrick has started a casual relationship with Lilac, the garden club lady.

I wasn't sure who should adopt McAdam and Raven, but Mistelle seemed like the perfect one for the task.

She also seemed like the kind of person to own a pet shop.

Patrick and Lilac are excited about the prospect of puppies. McAdam and Raven are an unsual pair, so I'm curious to see what their puppies would look like.

Lily-Grace likes to check up on Teegan once in awhile.

Mistelle hires her first employee.

The pet shop gets off to a good start.

Rhythm grows up.

Luckily the dogs get along fine with him.

Teegan takes on the task of training Rhythm.

Such a handsome fella!

Lily-Grace likes to check up on her brother too.

Unfortunately Mistelle's first employee decides to quit.

It doesn't seem to affect the business any, though.

It does mean that she has to stay late to restock the shelves by herself.

Teegan makes friends with Kendrick Thornwood.

Puppy time!

Beau & Bella.

Raven is a good mom.

Mistelle hires Sawyer Thornwood. Maybe she'll have better luck with a non-townie employee.

He has a long way to go before he gets the hang of things. Even more embarrassing for him, his Dad shows up.