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16 June 2012 @ 09:10 am
Week 10 - Elliot  

Fletcher and Ashlee Elliot are the newest residents of Sterling Falls. Back in the city Fletcher was making a name for himself in the baseball world as a pitcher. One day he was approached by some shady characters who threatened to harm his pregnant wife if he didn't throw the next game. At a loss for what to do, they changed their names and moved to a little rural town that just happens to be Sterling Falls.

They're hopeful of a long, peaceful life with their new family.

Ashlee wastes no time befriending the local strays.

They quickly christen the couch in their new rental home.

And Ashlee suddenly goes into labour.

They have a brand-new baby boy, Keegan.

Who quickly gets handed over to Fletcher because...

the dreaded twins curse is back! The second baby is named Mathew.

Their first night in Sterling Falls is definitely a memorable one.

Not wanting to get back into the world of sports, Fletcher takes out a loan and builds Sterling Falls' first car dealership.

He uses his dazzling smile and charm to sell a lot of vehicles.

While Fletcher is at work, Ashlee is left at home to care for the boys.

In no time at all the twins become toddlers. This is Mathew.

And Keegan.

Needless to say, twin boys are a handful.

Fletcher helps out whenever he can.

They're great parents.

And finally its time for the boys to become children. Mathew again.

And poor Keegan had a tiresome day.

Their life in Sterling Falls has gotten off to a wonderful start.

At the end of the week they discover Mathew seems to have inherited his mother's bad eyesight.

Sterling Falls: Week Ten
Town Funds: §214,082 (-200,000 Downtown)= §14,082
Households: 13 (Marsh, Livingstone(Thornwood), Thornwood, Spencer-Kwan (Lowe), Okitikoo, Thornwood-Siddle, Black, Neri-Roper, Thornwood, Slater, Bay, Parks, Elliot)
Births: 8 (Christopher Thornwood, Saskia & Alisha Lowe, Braydon Thornwood, Jasmine Birch, Liyana Parks, Mathew & Keegan Elliot)
Deaths: 8 (Rhett & Tara Marsh, Herbie & Meredith (Livingstone) Nirwana, Dahlia & Thane Thornwood, Anna & Mikayla Spencer-Kwan)
Community Lots: Player Owned: 10 (Riley's Robot Imporium, Harvest Barn, Bake My Day!, Brushstrokes, Shear Madness, Dog Eared Books, The Toy Box, Weeping Willow Resturant, Scales-n-Tails-n-Paws, Elliot Auto)
City Owned: Public School, Police Department, Town Hall, Lovebird's Stroll
Career Slots: Law Enforcement (Quentin), 2 Journalism (No one), Education (No one), Politics (Rowan, Elias, Laura), Oceanography (Linden), Law (Zhivka), Medical (No one), Criminal (No one), Gaming (Kristof), Science (Oliver), 
Careers unlocked: Politics, Law, Law Enforcement, Paranormal, Criminal, Architecture, Artist, Show Business, Journalism
Burglaries: 3
Fires: 1
Sim Multiplier: 9
Total Population: 47
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 6
Children: 13
Teens: 1
YAs: 0
Adults: 23
Servo: 1
Elders: 3

olivethegreatolivethegreat on July 7th, 2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
I enjoyed the backstory for this family. And the boys are cute.
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on July 13th, 2012 02:17 am (UTC)
Thanks. Sometimes my brain cooperates and comes up with something different. I don't think people would move to Sterling Falls just for the hell of it, they had to get there for some reason or another.

The boys are great, even though there was only supposed to be one baby to start. I rolled 3 sims when creating this family and thought it'd be fun to have the 3rd as an unborn child. Looks like I got a 2 for 1 deal. :)