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01 July 2012 @ 03:24 pm
Week 11 - Black  

Lyric finds snuggles wherever he can. The local paper boy, Rocky, doesn't seem to mind.

Business needs to pick up so Bay can get a job in the business career track, which is required for the DitFT challenge.

Lyric is a dork.

Maisy's birthday! Bay isn't home so she invites all boys to her party.

She grows up with even more attitude.

Tybalt grows up too.

The next morning Maisy books the first flight out of here. She is getting a jump on her Difference in the Family Tree duties, even though Bay has yet to complete hers.

She books into an elaborate resort in Takemizu Village. 

Maisy isn't sure what to think of herself in this kimono.

I might have to replace the ninja's face cause he has these huge floppy ears that just look bad. :(

None of the locals look like they belong here.

A shady character in a back alley sold Maisy a tattered map. She decided to follow it.

The only thing she found was this old guy, but she decides to stay and have tea with him anyway.

Afterwords he tells her a really long story involving a dragon.

She also picks up the local greeting from him.

Wishes make her itchy.

Too soon the vacation is over.

She takes part in some relaxing activities before heading back home.

She looks thrilled.

Corey comes by for frequent booty calls.

Henly becomes a teenager. Poor kid has been absent from this update thus far.

Lyric is mad that his food dish is empty.

Yay! This means Bay can finally get a job in the business career.

She promotes her cashier to be manager.

Henly and Lyric are still the best of buds.

Parker Parker is making the rounds again.

Parker Parker: Hey could you move, you're in the way of the painting I'm going to steal.

He manages to steal two paintings before the cops show up.

Busted again.

Henly decides to say hello to Rocky.

It doesn't take long before he gets him into the sack.

Henly spends some time on the town, but doesn't find any one interesting to talk to.

I think Henly has been attracted to Tybalt since Maisy started dating him. He always gravitates toward him whenever he comes over.

Unfortunately Tybalt is not impressed with his advances.

So unimpressed, in fact, that he decides he can't stand being around Henly, or Maisy by extension.

Poor Maisy, Tybalt had a huge impact on her life.

Maisy can't stand her family right now so she moves out to her own place at the end of the week.