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03 July 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Week 11 - Thornwood  

Brayden is still learning his toddler skills.

Kendrick, like many other children in Sterling Falls, is doing really poorly in school.

Awesome! Now Sterling Falls can have an aquarium built. I think I'll probably have Linden fund it instead of the town though.

And birthday time for the kids rolled around. Here is Paige.

And Kendrick.

Brayden grew up too. The lighting in the hallway makes his skin look weird.

What are the odds that both of the twins are gay?

Kendrick finds High school to be even harder.

Paige brings home a friend that must have done a year of foreign exchange in Takemizu Village.

Kendrick finds Benjamin Roper to be very attractive and doesn't hesitate to tell him so.

Benjamin didn't roll a gender preference when I played his household so Kendrick was able to sway him. If you notice it is Benjamin actually initiating the first kiss. Aww.

Of course, sims being sims it doesn't take long for a first kiss to turn into something more.

Like this...

I guess the living room is a good kissing spot. Not much else happens in here.

Poor Brayden is a little neglected with all the romance going on in the house right now.

And its hard to tell, but yes that is another baby bump. :\