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23 July 2012 @ 09:56 am
Week 12 - Thornwood  

Sterling Falls reached a population of 500 a week or two ago. That means Shelby can finally get a job in the Freelancer (slacker) career.

She gets hired right away.

Christopher grows up into a handsome young man.

Shelby is thrilled to be working towards her LTW.

Even though Ash has a silver makeover badge he still makes a lot of mistakes.

The reviewer thinks he is doing just fine though and writes him another good review.

As much as Shelby and Arianna get together they still aren't even best friends. I find it hard to believe.

During Arianna's visit Ash has the nerve to try and hit on her. She isn't having any of it.

Shelby and Ash were feeling a little nostalgic and visited the site of their first woohoo.

Despite making a mess of this customer's hair, Ash still receives a tip from him. (I have never seen this in my game before!)

Christopher is making lots of friends at school.

Ash finally gets his gold talent badge and finally gives Laura Roper the makeover she deserves.

Christopher has the worst of luck with guys, all the ones he finds attractive are straight.

Time for Sawyer's birthday!

Christopher runs out in his pjs to greet Rocky, but even they don't have any chemistry.

Sawyer tries his luck in the dating world too. He is also having trouble finding a sim with whom he connects with.

Though things look promising with a townie named Leith.

Sawyer moves out late Sunday night or early Monday morning.

And Shelby gets another promotion. No surprise, she is doing awesome at her job.