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05 August 2012 @ 09:14 am
Week 12 - Slater  

Lilac isn't a very good cook.

Rhythm is a good kitty. 

Teegan and Rylan Okitikoo seem to be hitting it off.

Henry is learning all his toddler skills.

Its a lot of work for the little guy.

Mistelle hires Teegan's love interest. I'm sure that isn't awkward at all. She probably grills him during his break.

Lilac may be a bad cook, but at least she hasn't set the stove on fire yet...

Luckily Patrick knows the drill.

Henry grew up.

These two are getting quite cozy even though they haven't had their first kiss yet.

This dog is just adorable, I want someone to adopt him.

First kiss and going steady all in one night.

Did I mention the horrible storms hitting Sterling Falls this summer?