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16 August 2012 @ 10:00 am
Week 13 - Marsh  

Bryer heads off to school.

Meanwhile Callie is going into labour. Didn't last week start something like this?

Its a girl! They name her Elyse.

Oliver is still looking to get back into the Science field.

He manages to find other activities to keep him busy in the meantime.

Bryer is friends with a lot of the children in Sterling Falls. This time she is making friends with Trevor Thornwood.

Bryer really wanted a pet.

Callie thinks is a good way to teach her daughter responsibility.

So far she isn't disappointed.

Elyse quickly becomes a toddler.

Oliver or Callie bought a car while I was playing the Elliot family. They're making good use of it.

It may seem like all Oliver is doing is slacking off.

But during the day he is actually working at the art gallery. He hires on Christopher Thornwood to help out.

Bass is no longer a kitten which means he is subject to the torturous cuddles of young Elyse.

Bryer also makes friends with some of the townie children. This boy's name is Ronan. I actually hope to have him grow up with someone and become a playable.

Bass was attracted to the goldfish on the cover of Bryer's homework. He is disappointed to discover that it isn't real.

Once again its birthday time for little Elyse.

She is so genetically different from her sister. I love it.

Bass gets into all kinds of mischief.

Finally! Oliver doesn't care that he has to start at the bottom, as long as he gets to work again.