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27 September 2012 @ 10:27 am
Week 14 - Lowe  

Pregnancy is hard on Sean so he has a little nap before the kids get home from school.

Saskia almost turns into the hulk when she gets home.

The kids brought lots of friends home from school and not a soul notices when Sean goes into labour.

He gives birth to a red-headed baby boy. He names him Marc.

Leena pops around for a visit.

Marc grows up just before Alisha heads off for college.

Alisha is the first Lowe to attend college. She hopes to one day be Sterling Falls' first City Planner.

Saskia also celebrated a birthday, unfortunately it didn't go over well.

LotP: This bitch is craaazzyyy.

The cure should have been obvious: ear splitting scream. Solves everything, duh.

All better now, thanks.

Shes so pretty!

Kristina is trying to date the entire male teen population of Sterling Falls.

Sean is so great with Marc.

Unfortunately not so great with the cooking thing, though.

Kristina continues the trend of new day, new guy.

Emilia celebrated a birthday. She's rocking that short hair.

Ooh, caught with a repeat, Kristina.

Sean is continuing his romance with Lirit, though it doesn't seem to be serious.

Poor Marc had a rough day of growing up.

Erik is also a teen now.

Sean enjoys a night away from the kids.

The kids all get on well despite the age gaps.

Kristina is rapidly turning into the town bicycle. Its a wonder she hasn't gotten knocked up yet.

Sure, they get a fountain as a date gift and suddenly they look rich, right?

Luckily they had a burglar alarm installed.