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05 October 2012 @ 09:55 am
Week 14 - Parks  

Ella-Mae hope to someday be Mayor of Sterling Falls, so she takes it upon herself to get to know the locals. She is also looking for Mr. Right.

I think Keely has pretty much chosen her Mr. Right.

Well, I guess these guys are off the market for Ella-Mae and Liyana.

Keely feels like life isn't going to get any better than this, so she takes the plunge by asking Andy to be her one and only.

He'd be stupid to say no to her.

And what better way to celebrate your engagement by some semi-public woohoo on the front porch.

Uh oh, looks like Keely isn't feeling too great. Maybe its just nerves from the upcoming wedding.

Ella-Mae spends a few hours everyday online looking for an opening in the political career.

And the rest of her time is spent getting to know more of the locals. They all seem to be guys too. Hmm...

Liyana thinks her sister brought home one attractive fellow.

She wastes no time in introducing herself to Graden.

Its an instant attraction.

I guess it wasn't nerves...

Looks like we're going to need to have that wedding soon!

Keely's tailor does a wonderful job of making it look like she isn't pregnant while wearing her very simple wedding dress.

The happy couple celebrated the day with many family members and friends.

And with a house so crowded the newlyweds head out to find of a place of their own.

Liyana accepts Graden's date offer. They head out for a relaxed night at the coffee shop downtown.

I'm getting really lazy with my editing, I see. :\

Back away, creepy dude, their PDA is not for your entertainment.

Oh look, Its an Eric wannabe!

These girls have no sense of decency at all.

Kristof and Arianna are still around, doing what they can to pay off their debt.

Looks like we might just have a house full of fertile myrtles. Good thing Keely moved out, there isn't a lot of room for everyone!

Looks like Ella-Mae is making friends with the creep-o from Liyana's date. I bet they're talking about her little public woohoo at the coffee shop.


Not all sims are blind, Tybalt can clearly see that Liyana is preggo.

Woo! Debt is paid off and I think they even have enough money for Arianna to finally open a clothing store.

Well, not like that you wont. Get your butt inside before you freeze to death!

Liyana gets some much needed rest.

Ella-Mae finally starts making progress with one of the townies. I think she sets her standards too high.

Arianna is thrilled shes going to be a grandmother, despite the fact that Liyana currently has no interest in committing to the baby's father (a romance sim).

She may look shy and proper, but she sure has moves in the bedroom!

Liyana goes into labour in the bathroom. Shocking.

And she gives birth to a baby boy. She names him Lucas.

I have a feeling this is going to be one spoiled little baby.

Liyana shares the great news with Tybalt. They're becoming really good friends and he seems to actually be interested in her and her son.

Ella-Mae might have a pretty serious job, but she also knows how to have fun.

Looks like Gerard really likes Ella-Mae.

Unfortunately for him it looks like Ella-Mae isn't really serious about him.

She seems to be really into Ferdie thought.

Liyana will have her hands full now that Lucas is a toddler.

I guess we'll have to wait and see if Ella-Mae has finally found her perfect man.