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05 October 2012 @ 09:51 pm
Week 14 - Elliot  

The Elliots really like their pets. They adopted another cat named Aegis.

Both cats seem to get along.

Keegan and Mathew are pretty keen to move out and into their own place. Calla is going with them since she has the highest relationship with them. I totally forgot the boys were supposed to go to college to fulfill Ashlee's want of having 3 kids graduate. D'oh!

Fletcher and Ashlee take advantage of an empty house.

Unfortunately Fletcher is still prone to straying. He picked the wrong woman this time though and Sonia gives him a piece of her mind.

Devon doesn't seem to mind being an only child.

Um, a little inappropriate with the kid right there, yeah?

Not sure what happened here, but apparently Shawn Okitikoo and Erik Lowe have a mutual distaste for each other.

Devon grew into a handsome young man.

He is attracted to boys and unfortunately for him Abner is straight.

He doesn't seem to mind a little innocent flirting though.

Devon helps his dad out at the dealership.

I don't think I've ever seen two cats on this thing at once!

Devon has a knack for being attractive to straight sims. This time it's Preston Okitikoo that has his attention.

He isn't gay or even bi, but maybe he is just curious since he accepts a date with Devon.

Preston looks a little unsure.

I can't imagine its too much different than kissing a girl.

He seems to be getting more comfortable with the idea. Hopefully he won't go breaking Devon's heart since apparently he is just trying things out.

The date went well and Preston seems to be pretty pleased with himself.