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09 October 2012 @ 01:21 pm
Week 14 - Henderson  

Looks like dogs are the thing to have in Sterling Falls right now. The Henderson family adopts this little beauty called Alberta.

Kellan is thrilled to have someone to play with.

So is Harvey.

Looks like Kellan will have someone else to play with soon too.

I think the Hendersons really aught to budget for a fire alarm...

Harvey makes sure the business is doing well.

Maisy is a bad ass ninja.

A bad ass ninja about to have another child.

Kellan gets in as much time with his mom as he can before the new baby comes.

Maisy: I'm going to be as big as a house before this baby comes.
Oliver: (Without looking up.) You look lovely, dear.

Oliver is now one step closer to getting into the medical career track.

Kellan is so clueless and adorable.

Job huntin'.

Maisy is tired of being pregnant and decides to Tai Chi the little one right out.

After several hours it seems to have worked. Or it was just coincidence.

Its another boy! They decide to name him Aiden.

And we have the classic hand over.

Because we have a baby girl also. They name her Ava.

Oh yeah. The fire scared Alberta and she ran away. I was afraid she'd be returned dead because she is an elder, but she was fine.

Its not like they neglected her. :\

Maisy goes to Scales-n-Tails-n-Paws to buy Alberta a collar.

Unfortunately it doesn't show up when she tries to put it on her.

She also spends some time at Dog Eared Books.

Its going good!

No idea what Sawyer's problem is.

The twins grew up into toddlers aleady. Ava learns to walk right away since there is no wasted time when it comes to twins.

Then it is Aiden's turn.

Like any younger sibling, Ava looks up to her big brother.

Double time talking lessons.

Maisy even finds some one-on-one time with Kellan.

And Kellan really stepped it up as a big brother.

Its amazing what can happen in a sim week. The twins celebrated another birthday. Here is Aiden. He got those eyes from his father.

And here is Ava. They're pretty similar looking, but they're not identical.