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11 October 2012 @ 09:57 am
Week 14 - Thornwood  

Ash seems to be enjoying his freedom. Taking on two girls at one time.

The Roll-o-rama doesn't get much business and then something like this has to happen.

Ash: "Don't mind me, son. Just gettin' naked on your sofa."

Yeah.. not awkward at all!

Sawyer isn't having as much luck with the ladies as his Dad. I think he's getting tired of trying to find a new date every night.

Maisy and Oliver pop by for a random visit.

Ash is at that stage in his life where he is more and more interested in younger women. Neither Kristina or Emilia are legal though.

This townie adult will do just fine for him though. She looks young in that cheerleading outfit.

The staff room sure beats the couch in his son's house.

Sawyer invites Mary Lou, an old date, over.

Sawyer and Mary fall in love and he decides to take the plunge. He didn't seem all that interested in dating 50 women anyway.

I also wanted to make sure he had an heir and I think Mary will be a great mother.

Post makeover. I think she's really pretty.