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04 March 2012 @ 09:53 pm
Week 3 - Black  

Olivia stays out too long at the shop one evening. She should have really put a coat on.

This reporter must not have much else to do.

These two are really enjoying married life.

Olivia sells so many robots for Riley that he can finally afford to move his business to a community lot.

Just in time too, looks like they will soon have another mouth to feed.

The shop does really well on the first day.

Now Olivia has some free time to write her second novel.

Olivia has gotten over almost burning the kitchen down.

Baby time!

A boy. They named him Ethan.

Riley is doing really well running his business single-handedly.

Meanwhile Olivia stays home to raise Ethan.

He has a nice mixture of his parent's genes from what I can tell.

Riley and Olivia just adore him.

Vampires make the best potty training faces.

And Olivia finally gets around to planting their own garden.
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