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30 October 2012 @ 10:34 am
Week 14 - Elliot  

Earlier in the week Keegan and Mathew moved out of their parent's house with their dog Calla. They decided on a small two bedroom starter house.

Patrick Kwan and Oliver Henderson stop by to congratulate the boys on their new home.

Mathew makes sure to invite Alisha over to see the new place.

And apparently break in the new bed, too.

I don't think I realized Calla was an elder doggy when they adopted her.

I would have loved to breed her, she was so unique.

Mathew, not being one to waste any time, asks Alisha to marry him. Keegan is in his own little world.

Of course she accepts.

They're going to make an adorable family, I can tell.

Feeling slightly alone and left out, Keegan invites Christopher over. He is still torn between him and Jasmine and I'm torn over what to do about it.

Especially when these two have to go all mushy like this.

Mathew is determined to have a new dog after the loss of Calla.

Keegan invites Christopher to move in with them since he was practically kicked out of his house.

Mathew got his wish for a dog since Christopher moved in with his dog Adonis.

Keegan is still torn even after Christopher moved in. He invites Jasmine over for a visit when Christopher is at work.

Is it me or does he look like he feels guilty?

The feelings seem to have passed for now. Gah, I'm so torn what to do with these three.

Alisha moves in a gets a small makeover.

Fletcher pops by to visit his boys.

Oh boy, someone has gone looney tunes.

This is a moment to celebrate, not one to go nuts over.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Elliot.

The happy couple enjoy their cake together.

And then the bride decides to play a little football.

All that celebrating has gained Alisha some fitness.

And that isn't all the celebrating got her...