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12 November 2012 @ 09:28 pm
Week 15 - Marsh  

Last week Christopher moves out as quickly as Oliver moves in. And Shelby realizes shes pregnant even quicker than that. Just in time she reaches the top of her career. Oliver makes an honest woman of her this time and have a shot gun wedding in the living room. McKynleigh is born shortly after. We see McKynleigh grow up to a toddler and then Shelby loses her job.

Oliver has the girls this week which is just as well because Callie passed away.

Summer is just around the corner and these sims just can't wait to hit the beach again.

Bryer contemplates life.

They throw a big bash for Elyse and McKynleigh.

Elyse has inherited her grandmother's witchy powers.

Who's this pretty girl? I realize now I forgot to give her freckles.

Elyse thinks witchy garb belongs in the movies.

If you can remember all the way back to week 13, Elyse and Henry had a bit of a childhood crush going on. Looks like it has carried over into the teen years. For Elyse anyway, not sure about Henry.

Bryer sneaks out with her boyfriend Rhett. Girls gonna get herself in trouble!

The three girls share a room since they only have a tiny two bedroom beach house.

Didn't I mention trouble?

Elyse and McKynleigh are hitting it off.

You can't hide it anymore now Bryer!

Ooh, and Daddy is pissed!

Oliver: No way am I going to have some tramp living under my roof!

I guess he forgot that his current wife got knocked up as a teen too...

Bryer: What the hell, Dad! Whatever... I never wanted to come live with you anyway...

Lies, all lies!

I'm sure things will cool off given time.

But Bryer chooses the safer path and moves out on her own. She's got some furry friends that will keep her company back at her childhood home.

One less bed means more room for Elyse's witchy stuff.

The girls always have friends over after school.

WOOT! It's about damn time...

Elyse finally gets up the courage to invite Henry over.

Looks like she had nothing to worry about.

Aw, time for Oliver to get older...

Oliver: I wish I could start all over again... nah not really.


Shelby: Hi there you two.Aside to Elyse: I saw those hands girl!

Oh boy, Oliver must have been doing one of his science experiments on the stove...

Shelby: We have a witch in the family?!

Elyse: Bam!

Shelby gets a little older, quietly by herself.

Elyse: You, me, forever, k?

I think Henry is O.K. with that as long as he can keep doing this.

Yes, yes, we know you're a goody-goody witch.

Well... maybe not so goody-goody after all.