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13 November 2012 @ 10:27 am
Week 15 - Lowe  

Last week Sean was pregnant and gave birth to an alien child named Marc. Saskia turned into the hulk and moved out in a foul mood after a visit from the shrink. Alisha made family history as the first member to attend college. Kristina continued on her goal of dating the entire male teen population. Emilia and Eric became teens and Marc became a child. Sean is back on the market but hasn't committed to anyone yet. And we finished off the week with a visit from our dear friend Parker Parker.

Last week during the Neri-Roper update we found out that Serena had a thing for Sean, but he was plagued wit the still set as married bug and he wouldn't accept her interactions.

All of that is fixed now and he hastily makes a decision to ask her to move in.

Kristina flunked out of high school, probably because of her slutty behaviour. Becoming an adult hasn't changed much for her.

Serena finds out she is pregnant not long after moving in with Sean. What is he going to think? Especially since they haven't even slept together!

Its time for Kristina to get out on her own.

Too sweet!

Sean didn't seem to realize Serena was pregnant until this moment. She gives birth to a baby girl.. and those green eyes look very familiar. Welcome to the world Melanie Roper!

Serena's brother Benjamin stops by. Presumably to meet his niece.

Emilia had a date with Trevor Thornwood. It went well, especially after a romp in the car.

Sean doesn't care who Melanie's father is. Being a family sim he just loves babies.

In no time Melanie grows into a toddler.

They're a great couple, I think!

Emilia helps out with Melanie. She will be a great mom someday.

Not wanting to wait to have a big wedding, Serena and Sean have a quiet ceremony just to themselves.

Emilia is going to follow in her sister Alisha's footprints and go to college.

And Sean and Serena quickly get to work on trying to fill the house up with kids again.