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21 November 2012 @ 04:25 pm
Week 15 - Thornwood  

Last week Trevor was returned to Linden and Sonia after some time away at Margaret's House. He grew up and started romancing all the female sims in town. Parker Parker paid a visit with the penguin in tow as his new accomplice.

Despite having her baby back Sonia still went into motive failure.

Trevor is still romancing his way through the teen female population. 

Sonia somehow manages to spy on her neighbours that live on the other side of the hood.

She also aged gracefully into elderhood.

Trevor goes out on the town to find another date but ends up eating alone.

Trevor's OTH is tinkering so he starts work building his own car.

He also takes some time out to have some fun. He's still looking for his next date.

He tries to hit on Elyse, but she is dating Henry Kwan and shes a one man woman. Good for her!

He moves on to Deanna Okitikoo.

She falls for him...

And he gets her into the photo booth rather quickly. Not sure why he is pulling that face.

He's got her now, hook, line and sinker.

Golden Anniversary, woot. I almost forgot and Linden hasn't much time left.

Like I said...

Trevor grows up. If the girls weren't tripping over each other to get to him before... I'm so glad I got rid of those asian skins.

He stays at home since he will be inheriting the house. Sonia could use the company, too.