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24 November 2012 @ 09:22 pm
Week 15 - Parks  

Last week the girls were all searching for the right guys to settle down with. Keeley got engaged, pregnant and then married to her High School sweetheart, Andy Shaw. They moved into their own place after the wedding. Liyana got knocked up by a Romance townie called Graden. She gave birth to baby Lukas and by the end of the week he became a toddler. Ella-Mae finally got a job in Politics and maybe found the right guy in townie Ferdie. Kristof got a big pay off at work that allowed them to finally pay off their debt. There was also enough money left over that Arianna can now afford a clothing shop.

This is no surprise as they were the culprits that spread the plague to all the other households.

The best part about owning a playable clothing shop is you get to influence what townies wear.

Aw, crap. There goes our future mayor. I really liked Ella-Mae too, she was a sweet girl.

Don't be fooled by this picture, like I was. I had to do a double take cause I thought Lukas had pointy ears.

Oh, please. After how many years of marriage and you're still freaked out that your husband is a werewolf?

Since Graden isn't likely to settle down, even with fathering a child, Liyana starts looking for a new man.

Kenny just might be the one.

Lukas grew up. He looks pretty average joe...

Shelby and Arianna still visit each other on occasion.

They're finally besties... my god that was a long time coming.

I feel like this is cheating maybe a little big. The money will go to good use, anyway.

The moment where you discover that the fur your grandfather wears isn't actually a costume.

Things are getting pretty serious here!

What a sweet guy, he even explains it to Lukas. Lukas just wants to know if that means Kenny will play ball with him.

Always the tom boy, Liyana decides on an nontraditional dress. I'm sure all that pink is just making her skin crawl.

They seem to have a good time, anyway. They're going to be a great family.

A growing family at that.

After editing these pics I realized their chairs don't match the table anymore... I dunno why either! Must remember to fix that next week.