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29 November 2012 @ 09:51 am
Week 15 - Okitikoo  

Last week Jayce dated a lot of the teen population. Albert was promoted to Executive Chef. Dion became a child and chose to wear a dragon suit all the time. Seanna quit her job to spend more time skilling with her kids. She then surprised me with yet another pregnancy. August was born and is hopefully the last child for this generation. Jayce spent some time learning to paint, she hopes to be an artist one day. Deanna grew up with the promise to not follow in Jayce's footprints by becoming a Knowledge/Fortune sim. Shawn grew up as well and became a Pleasure/Grilled Cheese sim.

Shawn meets a townie called Samantha.

I don't think they had any chemistry, but he kissed her anyway.

This is still a regular scene in the Okitikoo household. Only this time Auntie Dana is here to visit.

This gives Albert and Seanna some alone times.

August celebrated a birthday. Somehow he is the darkest of the bunch and even darker than his Dad.

Shawn, like many other teens of Sterling Falls is finding school very hard this week.

Jayce grew into a beautiful woman. Lets hope she can put her romancing aside and focus on her art.

This week wouldn't be complete without a visit from Parker Parker.

Albert takes notice and calls the police.

Unfortunately the officer isn't on her game today.

No, she isn't looking up her next conquest in the singles ads. Jayce is moving out on her own.

August had another birthday.

Dion celebrated a birthday as well. If it weren't for those eyes you would never know he was an Okitikoo.

Finally Shawn celebrates his adult birthday.

And moves out on his own at the end of the week.