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17 December 2012 @ 07:20 pm
Week 15 - Thornwood  

Last week Benjamin, Kendrick and Paige adopted a dog named Chase. Paige was promoted to obituary writer and then succumbed to illness. The boys got married. Kendrick was promoted to Freelance Photographer.

I was sure I had taken pictures last week of Benjamin & Kendrick's new roommate Tybalt.

Tybalt: So which one of you wears the dress?

If you can remember from the Week 11 Black update he had quite a negative reaction to Henly hitting on him and he broke up with Maisy. Now he is living with two gay men... I think he's come around a little.

Kendrick badly wants a child so he calls up Abbey. She agrees to bring the kids over for a meet & greet.

Thomas Okitikoo comes right in and makes himself at home. There isn't a television at Margaret's House after all.

The guys got to know each of the kids. Kendrick was hoping for a younger child, but it wasn't in the cards.

They both seemed quite taken with  Thomas. He's about 16 and will be ready to go to Uni soon if he decides to go. This fact doesn't seem to bother them.

And Thomas doesn't seem to mind that he might have two Dads soon.

Kendrick says goodbye to Abbey and the kids. If all goes well Thomas will move in at the end of the week. Its going to cost them, of course.

The guys are over the moon.

Benjamin has the sudden urge to get a job, unfortunately nothing appeals to him.

Since they will soon have a new member of the family, Kendrick breaks the news to Tybalt that he is going to have to move out.

He doesn't take it real well.

But he understands and is happy for the two of them.

Chase gets a little lonely sometimes so they adopt Lady, one of Sandy & Adonis' pups.

Lady looks similar to Scooter.

At the end of the week Abbey drops by with Thomas.

Once he is settled she leaves, knowing he will be in good hands.

His first night is sure to be a memorable one.