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22 December 2012 @ 12:59 pm
Week 15 - Elliot  

Last week Mathew and Keegan moved into a place of their own with their dog Calla. Calla was an elder doggy and sadly passed away. Mathew proposed to Alisha and she said yes, of course. Even though Keegan is torn between Jasmine and Christopher, he still asked Chris to move in with them. This didn't stop him from getting with Jasmine when Christopher was at work. Alisha also moves in and she and Mathew celebrate their wedding with their family and closest friends. We finish off the week with Alisha feeling a little under the weather.

D'aww such great couples.

There is no surprise here.

Mathew is pretty excited about the baby.

They decided to adopt one of the pups Adonis had with Sandy.

Keegan has had the want locked to marry Christopher since last week. He never rolled similar wants for Jasmine, so I take it to mean this is his final decision.

Baby time!

Its a girl, with those pink eyes that all babies seem to be getting this week. Her name is Jordyn.

What a great wedding. I'm not sure how Keegan has managed to keep Jasmine a secret this far, but he has.

Party time!

Jordyn has one of those faces that she will grow into beautifully. I just know it.

Uncle Keegan puts her to sleep because...

Her parents are a little busy doing other things.

Adonis knows how to take a hint. Poor pup.

Toby grew up. Look at those huge ears! He looks a lot like Adonis, but he has some of his mother's colouring in there as well.

Adonis makes sure that Toby knows how the pecking order works in this house.

Sterling Falls' fire detachment is pretty busy this week.

Jordyn is well loved.

And she has her childhood birthday at the end of the week.