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26 December 2012 @ 09:19 pm
Week 15 - Thornwood  

Last week Braydon moved into a place of his own right next to his parent's house, got a job in the Oceanography career and dated around a bit.

This week Braydon can't get his mind off Kristina Lowe.

He might think that she is the one for him, but I can't believe that he could be the only one for her.

He hasn't settled in on his decision though and still goes out to play the field. He thinks Joanne is smoking.

Either Brayden has freezing cold hands or she is shocked that he's asking her out.

Sweet deal.

Braydon is one of those awkward dancers. I feel his pain.

The date went well, but it wasn't steamy.

Parker Parker paid a visit and filled his little bag with two sofas and two curtains.

Police officer: Eh, sorry I didn't see him running off the lot as I pulled up because EA is stupid. 

This is Braydon's expression of outrage.

Braydon is just bursting with bubbles of love for Kristina.

He seals his decision with a ring.

Kristina likes the bling.

They get married on the spot.

That was quick.

She wants to be a Media Magnate. Doesn't everyone in this hood...

Time to get to know the Mother-in-Law.

Pregnancy is taking its toll on Kristina.

Welcome to the world Gavin Thornwood. (I've since changed out those stupid pink eyes for dark brown, btw.)

Even though she is a romance sim, Kristina doesn't mind being a mom.

They threw a big party for Gavin.

Poor tot doesn't appreciate it though. Maybe someday he will.