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27 December 2012 @ 04:44 pm
Week 15 - Mayfair  

Last week Dirk graduated college, moved into his own place. At the end of the week Eleanor moved in with him.

Eleanor celebrated her adult birthday. I imagine she's earned a few of those scars, being a werewolf and all.

A pretty werewolf.

There is a lot of this going on when Dirk isn't a work.

Abbey pops by to see how her kids are doing. She's always checking up on them and making sure they are doing well.

Looks like Eleanor has a bun in the oven.

Its a girl! Her name is Mara. From what I can tell she got all of Dirk's genes. Hair, eye & skin colour anyway.

They finally discovered the couch has other purposes.

One of them finally rolled the want to tie the knot.

They couldn't even afford a wedding arch so they had a quiet ceremony in the back yard.

Dirk finally lands himself a real job. I like the idea of playables working for business owners, but the pay is crap!

Mara looks like shes going to be a Dirk clone. She has the pointy ears too. :\

Well, there is always hope for the next one!