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30 December 2012 @ 04:26 pm
Week 15 - Van Der Werff  

At the beginning of the week Archie grew up and had to move out of Margaret's House.

He now lives in a small 2 bedroom that he can't afford. It will take him a good while to pay it off.

His dream is to find a job doing what he loves to do - game. This is something he is passionate about, even when he isn't the one playing.

Archie has his first kiss with Jayce Okitikoo. He couldn't have chosen an easier sim to get with.

Archie is sweet and maybe a little naive.

He sure is one happy guy.

Jayce continues to visit throughout the week.

Daisy calls Archie every day, so I thought maybe she'd actually like to come over for a visit.

Daisy looks up to Archie as a big brother. They have a great relationship.

Archie invites Thomas over while Daisy is visiting. The two hit it off right away.

Its so good to see the kids from Margaret's House keeping it together. They really are like a family.

And we leave off with Archie still trying to find someone for himself. A job wouldn't hurt either.