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31 December 2012 @ 11:07 am
Week 15 - Merrycliff University Round 2  

Last week we saw Braydon Thornwood, Jasmine Birch, Alishia Lowe and Dirk Mayfair graduate University. At the end of the week Preston Okitikoo and Spencer Coyne (CAS Point Sim) moved into the dorm.

This week a new student is joining the playable population. This is Morgan Pitts, a sim created by freudroid. Before she decided to go to University, Morgan was a fashion model. She doesn't have any particular career related dreams, she just felt she needed a change from that toxic environment that is the modeling world. One thing about her hasn't changed though, she loves dating and would love to date as many different people as she can. She's still young and she isn't ready to be tied down yet.

Being comfortable in front of the camera is something Morgan is comfortable with, so the Drama major seemed like a good fit. She also wanted it, so there you go.

She gets to know the other students on campus.

Being a model, Morgan knows what she has to do to stay in shape.

This is a new lot and I'll feature it soon. Once I get pictures of it. It's called Cornerstone Pub.

Morgan needs to work on her pool skills. Luckily she didn't break a window with that wayward ball.

Preston and Devon Elliot are still going strong. Preston seems to have lost all interest in girls.

Spencer spends most of his time shirtless.

Morgan isn't sure if she wants to be a star, but she discovered that she sure likes looking at them.

Campus life is really busy and I have a hard time keeping up with everyone. Luckily they all get on well.

Cheyenne Okitikoo is the next sim to move onto campus.

She knows she has to study hard if she wants to keep her scholarships. She also doesn't want to disappoint Abbey.

Cheyenne is a bit of a fitness buff and finds the courtyard is the perfect place to do yoga.

Spencer has been doing a little working out too.

Ahh Cheyenne, yet another sim infatuated with Trevor Thornwood.

Spencer gets whipped into shape by a zombie coach.

He is a zombie, seriously.

Nothing like a little public woohoo in the common room.

Her extracurricular activities don't keep her from her studies though.

Cheyenne just wants to be rich, so any job that can get her lots of money will do just fine. She has chosen to study Biology.

Preston is the first student to graduate in this round. He earned himself a 3.7 gpa in Biology and he hopes to become the Hand of Poseidon some day.

One last romp before he has to leave campus.

Preston's graduation party was the perfect setting for Cheyenne to reconnect with her parents. Its a little awkward seeing them again, even going to college with her brother Preston was like living in a building with a perfect stranger. Maybe this will eventually change for them.

The remainder of Preston's week will be played out after Uni at the end of the week.

Taking his place in the dorm is Emilia Lowe. She has some anger issues that she is dealing with.

Spencer seems to be helping her with that, though.

They hit it off rather quickly.

She also hits it off with Cheyenne. I never really pegged Emilia as a gossip queen!

Cheyenne invites Archie Van Der Werff on a date. She must have been secretly crushing on him when they lived at Margaret's House.

The date goes off without a hitch.

Emilia hopes to join the Education career when she graduates. She chooses a major in Political Science to help her reach the top.

It took Spencer a good while before he realized what he was staring at. Me thinks he was day dreaming about a certain someone.

It just might have been Emilia Lowe.

Despite her nice date with Archie, Cheyenne is still hung up on Trevor.

Uh oh, Emilia isn't feeling too well after class. Perhaps her and Spencer took things a little too far too fast.

And Spencer won't be around to see things through since he just graduated. He got a 3.7 gpa in Political Science. Hopefully this will give him the upper hand to becoming a Media Magnate.

He makes sure to say goodbye to Emilia before he has to leave.


And here is Spencer as an adult in all his shirtless glory. He looks a little concerned about leaving his pregnant girlfriend.

Taking Spencer's place in the dorm is Alec Swafford. His horrible grades in high school meant his Dad had to pay off the University just to let him in. He doesn't have any particular interest in studying anything, he is just doing what he thought his parents wanted. He just can't wait to settle down and start a family of his own.

Speaking of families, Emilia is going to be starting hers at an inconvenient time.

And if Cheyenne isn't careful she might end up in the same boat.

Alec decides to study Literature. Seems easy enough, anyway.

Next to graduate is Morgan Pitts. She earned herself a 3.5 gpa in Drama.

Taking Morgan's place isn't another student, but a baby.

Meet Jonathan Lowe. His name may or may not be a reference to a Vampire Weekend song. ;)

I have a feeling he is going to look a lot like Spencer when he grows up.

Ah geez, another sim taken with Trevor Thornwood. Morgan makes sure to get her first kiss out of the way before she moves out on her own.

And this dormie follows suit.

And here is Morgan as an adult.

Ever since Jonathan was born, Emilia has been having a hard time concentrating on her studies.

Raising a now toddler sim is a lot of work.

With Spencer gone from the campus now, Emilia turns to closer sources for some tension relief.

Raising two babies in college would be even harder, you know!

The dorm cook was lost in this tragic fire. I also forgot to put a smoke detector or sprinkler in. Oops.

The last sim graduating this round is Cheyenne.  Through focus and hard work she has achieved a 4.0 gpa. Abbey will surely be proud of her!

Emilia tries to find as much time as she can to spend with Jonathan between lessons and assignments.

Here is Cheyenne as an adult.

So I only have left to play the 4 sims that graduated this round. I'm really hoping to get that done today and have their entries posted before the new year. So bear with me, there will hopefully be 4 more updates and then this week will be over!