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31 December 2012 @ 04:23 pm
Week 15 - Okitikoo  

After Preston graduated he moved into a place of his own. You might recognize this little cabin, its the same one that Kristof Parks and Nesta Bay built when they moved to Sterling Falls a million years ago.

He is hoping to get a job in the Oceanography career and he's going to need the money. He has a mortgage to pay off and is currently sleeping on the couch since he couldn't afford a bed.

Jasmine Okitikoo and Oliver Henderson came over as part of the welcome wagon.

This was not supposed to happen! You two are happily married, WTF!? Needless to say they were sent home.

And Devon was invited over.

Well, there goes his telephone. :\

Without a phone he now has to rely on walk-bys for any social contact.

Or he has to visit a community lot.

Yay! Just when I thought he wouldn't find an opening.

Luckily lots of people walk by and Preston doesn't get too lonely.