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31 December 2012 @ 05:08 pm
Week 15 - Pitts  

Morgan Pitts had to take out a sizable mortgage to afford this house, but it was worth it. I converted this house from TS3, its called The Hamon by Pippenhouse on MTS.

Come in and have a short tour. The living room area.


Downstairs bath.

Master bedroom. Not shown is the upstairs bath and a small room meant to be a nursery, but could be used as a hobby room or something. There is also a back porch area, we'll get to see that later.

Morgan wastes no time before asking her first victim out on a date. She needs to get 50 dates under her belt to achieve her LTW.

Trevor, of course, is a willing subject.

The date goes really well.

And all of that was accomplished before the welcome wagon showed up. Two out of 3 are unmarried men, nice.

She makes them lunch.

Then heart farts over them.

Henry Kwan is seeing Elyse Marsh, but this doesn't stop him from accepting her date proposal.

All goes well until she turns on the romance. He isn't willing to go that far and betray Elyse.

Date #3 is Archie Van Der Werff. He isn't currently seeing anyone in a serious relationship.

They hit it off.

And Erik has the gall to kiss her while the date is still in progress. Archie doesn't seem to mind, though. He is still a little naive I think.

After the guys leave, Morgan is still feeling a little energized so she spends some time doing her second favourite thing.

Morgan gets lots of fan mail now.

Date # 4.

Date # 5... or not. Spencer won't have anything to do with her now that he is getting serious about Emilia. Good on him! Morgan will just have to try her luck next week.

Sterling Falls: Week Fifteen

Town Funds: §170,878 ( §320,878-§50,000 Baseball Field-§50,000 Cultural Center-§50,000 Cornerstone Pub)

Households: 30 (Castellanetta, Marsh, Lowe, Okitikoo, Swafford, Neri-Roper, Thornwood, Kwan, Birch, Parks, Elliot, Okitikoo, Okitikoo, Henderson, Margaret's House, Thornwood, Thornwood, Dashwood, Elliot, Lowe, Okitikoo, Shaw, Thornwood, Mayfair, Holland, Okitikoo, Okitikoo (Harris, not played this round), Van Der Werff, Merrycliff University, Okitikoo, Coyne, Pitts, Okitikoo (Cheyenne, not played this round))

Births: 14 (Melanie Roper, Ferlin Okitikoo, Everitt & Max Swafford, Ethan Birch, Linnea Campbell, Avery & Brooklyn Thornwood, Jordyn Elliot, Addison Lowe, Gavin Thornwood, Mara Mayfair, Ansley Holland, Jonathan Lowe)

Deaths: 9 (Callie Castellanetta, Bay Swafford, Zhivka Neri, Laura Roper, Linden Thornwood, Nesta Bay, Ella-Mae Parks, Abner Parks, Keeley Shaw)

Community Lots:

Player Owned: 12 (Riley's Robot Imporium, Harvest Barn, Brushstrokes, Shear Madness, Dog Eared Books, The Toy Box, Weeping Willow Resturant, Scales-n-Tails-n-Paws, Elliot Auto, This-and-That Convenience, Arianna's Closet, Bamboo Lounge, Strike Zone)

Unowned: 1 (Bake My Day!)

City Owned: Bought: (Town Hall, Raven's Hill Cemetary)
Free: (Lovebird's Stroll, Cherry Blossom Park)
Specialty: (Public School, Police Department, Aquarium, Fire Deptartment, Cultural Center)

University: 4 (Raven's Hill Dorm, Student Center, Fletcher's Field, Cornerstone Pub)

Career Slots: Law Enforcement (Sean Lowe, Talin Dashwood, Eleanor Mayfair)
Journalism (Kristina Thornwood, Rhett Holland)
Education (Spencer Birch, Keyoe Okitikoo)
Politics (No One)
Oceanography (Braydon Thornwood, Preston Okitikoo)
Law (No one)
Medical (No one)
Criminal (No one)
Gamer (Kristof Parks, Kenny Lewandowski)
Science (Oliver Marsh)
Culinary (Jakobe Okitikoo, Albert Okitikoo, Henry Kwan, Dana Okitikoo, Saskia Lowe)
Business (Mary Lou Thornwood, Dirk Mayfair)
Paranormal (Rylan Okitikoo)
Slacker (Kendrick Thornwood, Ross Campbell)
Show Business (Keegan Elliot)

Careers unlocked: Politics, Law, Law Enforcement, Paranormal, Criminal, Architecture, Artist, Show Business, Journalism, Oceanography, Slacker, Education, Culinary, Business, Entertainment, Dance,

Burglaries: 3
Fires: 7

Sim Population: 94
Sim Multiplier: 15
Total Population: 1410
Babies: 2
Toddlers: 11
Children: 14
Teens: 10
YAs: 6
Adults: 40
Servo: 1
Elders: 10

Katekatee412 on January 1st, 2013 11:33 pm (UTC)
50 First dates, to me at least, is such a horrible LTW to try and achieve. You're already doing better than I ever have!
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on January 5th, 2013 11:10 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure I've ever completed that LTW, I usually run out of sims for them to date before it gets completed.
Maranatahmaranatah on January 9th, 2013 08:44 pm (UTC)
I have a teen who has the same LTW as Morgan...And I'm already dreading it! I'll run out of sims for sure. :P

Congrats for finishing week 15! wow, that's a great accomplishment :) I wonder if I'll ever get to play that long myself!
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on January 10th, 2013 04:52 am (UTC)
That LTW isn't my favourite, but I thought I would try it out. Sterling Falls has a lot of single men and male romance sims for her to choose from.

Thanks! I'm amazed at how quickly I made it to this point. And I realized that with 30 households if I played every day it would take a whole month to post one round! I don't get a chance to play every day so its kind of crazy.

I'm sure you will make it! If you're anything like me, this challenge has kept me the most interested in The Sims I've probably ever been.