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11 March 2012 @ 08:59 pm
Week 5 - Black  

Since the shop is so busy Riley decides to hire a cashier. She has never done this job before.

Back at home Ethan is enjoying being a kid.

Olivia bought a bass awhile back, this is the first time anyone has touched it.

Childhood flies by and its time for Ethan to grow up.

He's handsome and he knows it. Ethan rolled Knowledge/Popularity. I think it suits him perfectly.

Some of the local teens were invited over for the party.

Ethan is especially interested in Bay Thornwood.

She seems interested in him too.

They sneak out back to cuddle under the night sky.

I don't see any stars...

but Ethan does.

Riley convinced Ethan to help out at the shop. He gets some work experience keeping the shelves stocked.

Olivia takes advantage of the quiet time and starts on a new novel.

Ethan makes good use of the bass.

Nature maxed.

Olivia has always wanted to be a journalist and now with some writing under her belt she applies for a job.

Ethan invites Bay over on a date.

They do a little dancing...

and end the night with a kiss. They're only 1 bolters, but I think they're adorable together.

While Riley and Ethan are working at the shop Thane Thornwood stops by for a visit. I guess Olivia just wanted to feel what his whiskers felt like, because this is as far as things went.

Olivia is thrilled when she discovers a letter in the box for Ethan. It smells suspiciously like Bay's perfume.

Poor Ethan is the one eating alone now.

Ethan drops by the Harvest Barn in hopes to find Bay working there.

No such luck, so he just invites her over when he gets home.

Their relationship is progressing quite quickly.

But they're so sweet together.

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Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on March 22nd, 2012 04:34 pm (UTC)
I like the fact that they picked each other and things are progressing naturally. I think if sims was real life, a couple like Ethan and Bay would likely last longer because their relationship isn't built on physical attraction and passion. Relationships like that sometimes fizzle out and die after awhile. :)
(Deleted comment)
Love Stained Heartlvstndhrt on March 22nd, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)
I think for sure that friendship would still remain if things didn't work out.