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19 March 2012 @ 07:04 pm
Week 6 - Livingstone  

This is a wonderful scene. :)

The girls each brought a friend home.

Shelby and Ash are pretty close to the same age, so I hope they will become good friends.

Seymour was making breakfast for himself and Meredith when somehow he caught on fire.

Meredith is busy in the tub and somehow can't hear his cries for help.

No one wants this guy as a visitor.

Seymour gets a nice resting place on the hill overlooking the lake.

And life goes on...

Meredith glances over at the empty side of the bed with this incredibly sad look on her face.

The next morning all seems to be forgotten when Meredith rolls a want to go on a date.

The first guy to walk by is Herbie Nirwana.

He is flattered by Meredith's charm and agrees to a date.

Things get steamy just as the girls are getting home from school. Shelby is going to be scarred for life, I fear.

Things were going really well and Herbie thought it would be a good idea to propose.

Meredith seems to agree, its the perfect time to get engaged.

Arianna and Shelby escape the awkwardness around the house by playing catch in the street. Shelby discovers that she really enjoys playing sports.

Herbie moves in before they're married. They're planning a weekend wedding.

Dinners are awkward for Arianna and Shelby, it seems their mother is more interested in talking to this new man then spending time with them.

Meredith has been wanting the family to have a pet for awhile. She tries to make nice with one of the local strays. One day maybe she can convince one of them to hang around.

While Meredith likes the little dogs, Herbie has his own ideas of what kind of dog the family needs.

No one forgot about Arianna's birthday, even with all the changes going on.

Some of the party guests seem to be trying to impress the girls. Sorry guys, you just look like fools.

Arianna is desperate to do something fun. Despite her melt down, the party went really well.

The weekend wedding goes off without a hitch. Meredith decides to take Herbie's last name this time around. They won't be having any children, though.

Parties are always better when there is cake involved.

Arianna notices Lily-Grace walking by. She stops to chat for a bit.

Lily-Grace hung around for awhile, but its getting late now. I hope these two will become good friends!