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21 March 2012 @ 07:23 pm
Week 6 - Black  

Ethan helps his Dad out at the Robot Imporium after school.

Hey, big spender!

Olivia maxes out her creativity points.

Olivia is quickly rising in ranks at work.

She still has time to write novels too.

At this rate she'll reach the top of her career in no time.

Ethan is all grown up now! He is a nice combination of his parents, I think.

These two enjoy post-birthday woohoos.

Olivia: Don't mind me kids, just making the bed.

Not awkward at all...

Ethan wants to enter the Education career, so he enters right away. We'll see what happens with running a functional school next week.

The next day he invites Bay over on a date.

He's happy to have someone to sit down and eat with for once.

And of course he has a reason for all of this.

Its no surprise she says yes.

The date ends with a kiss.

They planned the wedding for Sunday night so Riley could attend.

The stray dog Olivia had been making friends with finally makes another appearance.

She takes the opportunity to adopt him.

He already knows a few tricks, too.

Early in the wee hours of Monday morning Ethan and Bay move out. We'll meet them again at the end of Week 7 in their new home.